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EPCOT at Walt Disney World is really an amusement park for adults. I reviewed the information about EPCOT in 'The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World' by Bob Sehlinger and used it as a basis for my one day plan. Here you will find my comments about the various attractions we visited, my suggestions for a one day plan based on our experience and then other general suggestions. I hope you find this useful when planning your own visit to EPCOT. Please provide me with your feedback so that I may improve the itinerary.


Spaceship Earth

This ride is inside the geodesic sphere that has come to symbolize EPCOT. It is just inside the entrance gate and generally has a long line. The ride is supposed to be an educational story about man's development of communication. For most adults this information is not new and therefore rather dull. The ride itself experienced a number of break downs which further detracted from the overall experience. One portion of the ride includes a dark area lit by multicolor fiber optics. This one portion is very pretty. If you have but one day, skip this attraction.
Living with the Land


This ride is on the lower level of The Land pavilion. It is a fairly popular attraction which means long lines. Living with the Land is an educational story of agriculture. For most adults the information presented is not new. However, the final portion of the ride travels through a working research green house. This portion of the ride is very interesting and make the whole ride worthwhile. As an alternative, consider taking the guided tour of the green house which is offered for an additional $6 per person.
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

This 3D film is fabulous. It's located in the Journey to Imagination pavilion and is very popular. Fortunately, the auditorium is huge so large numbers of people are admitted at one time. The auditorium seats include sensory mechanics which make this movie almost lifelike. I won't give it away, but believe me you will feel like dodging some of the 3D characters that jump off the screen. I suggest going in via the third door and sitting in the tenth row. Try and let about 20 people in ahead of you so you end up in the middle of the row.
Cranium Command

This film is shown in the Wonder of Life pavilion. The idea behind this movie is that you are witnessing the inner workings of a young boys brain. Younger teenagers and pre-teens would probably enjoy this attraction the most. Several popular comedic actors play the rolls of other parts of the body, the heart, the stomach, etc. These comedians add some adult humor to this otherwise dull film. Skip this attraction if you have only one day unless you have young teens or pre-teens with you.
Body Wars

This ride is in the Wonder of Life pavilion. Basically this ride includes mechanical seats in an elevator shaft to simulate  flight movement. It is much like the Disneyland Star Wars ride or Universal's Back to the Future. The premise is the shrinking of a passenger flight capsule and injection into the blood stream of a research patient. The ride itself is very jerky. Combine this with the hard seats and it is a very uncomfortable experience. It is a short ride, which is both good and bad. Good that you get out of the seats, bad that the story could be better and more interesting if it were longer. There are warnings about this ride causing motion sickness, I had no problem but someone else might. Because of this issue, and the height requirement, the line tends to be shorter than others.
The Circle of Life

This film is shown upstairs in The Land pavilion. As you might guess, this film includes a few characters from Disney's The Lion King. Basically, they are learning about the relationships of all living things with the environment. The pre-show includes a beautiful photographic display with interesting facts about our environment. The film itself includes fabulous cinematography and more informative facts about living in harmony with the environment. This attraction is good for adults, teenagers and children.
Wonders of China Film

This film is a 360 degree presentation in the China pavilion. I love films shown in the round and this one is nearly as good as most IMAX movies. If you want to learn more about the people of China this is a good place to visit. You do have to stand for this sort of movie since you want to continually turn around to see in all directions.
American Adventure

This animatronic hosted film is shown in the American pavilion. It is a 30 minute telling of American history. So, for most adults there is no new information. The exception would be non-American adults that have not ever studied American history. The pre-show included singing of mostly popular southern folk songs by an acapela group dressed in 1860's historical costume. The singing was very good, but I did not much care for the music selection.
Energy Show

At the Universe of Energy pavilion, this humorous film about energy resources is hosted by Ellen Degenres and Bill Nye. It includes a ride back in time past some animatronic dinosaurs. The actors were funny, even with a weak script. The dinosaurs are similar to the one's that toured museums across the US a few years ago. So, nothing new in the way of information or entertainment for most adults.
Innoventions East and West

These two pavilions presumably include futuristic examples of inventions yet to come. We found Innoventions East to be primarily about the internet and included nothing new, unless you have no knowledge of the internet. Innoventions West was primarily a game arcade. These games did not appear to be futuristic. As a matter of fact, the free to play SEGA game stations were only about 2/3's occupied. So, nothing new here. Plus, at Innoventions West they made you wait through a really lame 5 minute introduction. But, I did enjoy being able to check my stock, my website and play a couple SEGA games.

This fireworks, laser light, incandescent light and musical performance caps off the evening every night at EPCOT. The combination of the mediums really made for an extravaganza of light and music. The show is performed over the large central lake and even the various buildings were part of the show. This is worth waiting until closing to see. Getting a good seat makes this even more enjoyable.

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